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Body Beast Hybrid Week Five Meal Plan

Body Beast Hybrid Week Five Meal Plan

Body Beast Hybrid Week Five Meal Plan

I start my day with Energize 30 min pre workout and depending on the workout have Recover within 30min of working out.

Breakfast (M/W/F): Tex Mex Migas   w/ fruit 1B 1R 1P 1Y
Breakfast (T/Th): Breakfast Casserole 1R 1P 1B
I deconstructed the casserole. Sauteed shredded Brussels Sprouts with onion till cooked. Cooked the sweet potato. Scrambled the eggs. Cooked the bacon and just added it all to one dish.

Morning Snack (M/W/F): Pina Colada Shakeology 1G 1R 0.5P 0.5Y
Morning Snack (T/Th): Dirty Monkey Shakeology 1G 1P 1R 0.5Y

Lunch (M/W/F): Burrito Bowls with Cauliflower Sweet Potato Rice 1.5G 1R 1Y 1B
Lunch (T/Th): Sheet Pan Salmon and Veggies – adding arugula 1.5R 1G 0.5Y

Afternoon Snack (M/T/W/Th/F): Greek Yogurt w/ coconut and sunflower seeds

Dinner (M): Honey Lime Sriracha Salmon w/ Asparagus 1R 1G
Dinner (T): Mahi Mahi with Coconut Lime Coleslaw 1G 1R 1tsp – using coconut oil vs butter, lemon zest, and lemon pepper vs the McCormick seasoning
Dinner (W): Prosciutto Wrapped Cod with Cauliflower Fried Rice 1R 1.5G  0.5B
Dinner (Th): Out
Dinner (F): Out


☐ 4 Avacado
☐ Green Bellpepper – GreenFruits
☐ Apples
☐ Blueberries
☐ Lemons
☐ 4 Limes
☐ StrawberriesVegetables
☐ Brussels Sprouts
☐ Cabbage
☐ Celery
☐ 2 Cilantro
☐ Cucumber
☐ Garlic
☐ Green Beans
☐ Green Onion
☐ Lettuce – Romaine
☐ Red Bellpepper
☐ Red Cabbage
☐ 2 Spinach
☐ 4 Sweet Potatoes
☐ 6 Tomatoes
☐ 3 Yellow Onion
☐ Carrot Chips
☐ Cauliflower Sweet Potato CrumblesMeats
☐ Turkey Bacon

☐ 4 Cod
☐ Salmon – 8 4 oz filets

☐ Ground Turkey

☐ Cheese – Shredded
☐ Corn Torrillas
☐ Eggs
☐ Greek Yogurt – Plain
☐ Proscuitto

☐ Coconut Water

Baking Goods
☐ Olive Oil
☐ Sesame Oil

Canned Goods
☐ Black Beans
☐ Chilies In Adobe
☐ Coconut Milk
☐ Tomato Sauce – Organic- no salt or sugar

☐ Honey
☐ Justins Almond Butter
☐ Salsa
☐ Soy Sauce
☐ Sriracha
☐ Teriyaki
☐ Chili Paste
☐ Coconut Extract
☐ Capers

Frozen Goods
☐ Frozen Corn
☐ Mahi Mahi
☐ Frozen Pineapple

☐ Almonds
☐ Peanut Butter Powder

Spices and Herbs
☐ Chili Powder
☐ Cumin
☐ Garlic Powder
☐ Ginger
☐ Onion Powder
☐ Oregano
☐ Pepper
☐ Salt
☐ Sesame Seeds
☐ Smoked Paprika

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