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Body Beast Hybrid Week Four Meal Plan

Body Beast Hybrid Week Four Meal Plan

Body Beast Week Four Meal Plan

I start my day with Energize 30 min pre workout and depending on the workout have Recover within 30min of working out.

Breakfast (M/W/F): Breakfast Burritos w/ fruit fruit 0.5G 1R 1P 1Y
Breakfast (T/Th): Southwest Egg Scramble Scramble & Fruit, 0.5G 1R 1P 0.5Y 0.5B

Morning Snack (M/W/F): Pina Colada Shakeology 1G 1R 0.5P 0.5Y
Morning Snack (T/Th): Dirty Monkey Shakeology & RX Bar 1G 1P 2R 0.5Y 1B

Lunch (M/W): Shrimp Fiesta Bowl 1.5G 1R 1Y 0.5B
Lunch (T/Th): Mango Chicken Salad – adding arugula 1R 1G 1P
Mango Chicken Marinade Recipe only
Lunch (F): Leftover Salmon and Green beans 1G 1R 1tsp

Afternoon Snack (M/T/W/Th/F): Greek Yogurt w/ coconut and sunflower seeds

Dinner (M): Steak w/ Asparagus 1R 1G
Dinner (T): Salmon w/ Greenbeans 1G 1R 1tsp
Dinner (W): Burger Flatbread 1R 1G 1Y 0.5B
Grill Burgers, top with 1/2 Tbsp shredded cheese, put on flat out with tomato spinach & pickle.
Dinner (Th): Sheet Pan Asian Stir Fry 1R 1G
Trying this out and replacing soy sauce with liquid aminos, brown sugar with honey, cornstarch with arrow root.
Dinner (F): Dinner Out 1R 1G 2tsp

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