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I am reading the book, You are a Badass. Amazing book, by the way. Currently I am on the chapter about gratitude. The author suggest that we be grateful for those things which have yet to happen. That if we are grateful for them, though they have not happened yet, we are staking claim that we believe it will happen. She also talks about being grateful for the not so good stuff.

It made me think… it is so much easier to be grateful for the good stuff. The moments captured in a picture when everyone is smiling and life is good, but what about those other moments? In my life, I have encountered many challenges. I do not wish to compare or have a pity party as I recognize that things could have always been worse and know people who have been and are going through worse. I just recognize that I have had moments of REALLY good times and moments that tested my faith in myself. They tested who I was as a person, a wife, a mom. In those moments, I never though they would end. As I look back, always after the fact when everything has worked out whether on it’s own or because I did whatever it took to overcome, I can see how those experiences helped shape me into who I am today. I can’t imagine who I would be or where I would be if not for those experiences. So, am I grateful for the the not so good moments? YES! Emphatically, YES! In the moment it always seems so hard, but I am grateful for not having much as a kid and having parents that fought as it made me appreciate the things I have great or small and made me a better communicator. I am grateful for a marriage that did not work out because I met and am now married to my best friend and love of my life. I am grateful that I struggled with a difficult baby because it gave me patience for others and compassion for other mommies who are going through a rough time. I am grateful for having a challenging child who struggled with misdiagnosis and behavior issues because it made me more informed and a better mom. I am grateful for who I have become and know I would not be this person without my past.

Be grateful today… for the good and the bad. It all shapes us into amazing human beings. My goal is to think of 5 things everyday that I am grateful for. Wish me luck!



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