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Hammer Chisel Week Eight Meal Plan

Hammer Chisel Week Eight Meal Plan

Hammer Chisel Week Eight Meal Plan

I start my day with Energize 30 min pre workout and depending on the workout have Recover within 30min of working out.

Any recipes not already listed on my site are new ones I am trying. If they are good, I add them to my site and make necessary changes to them before I do. I would love any feedback you have on the recipes and/or meal plan. Enjoy!!!

Breakfast (M/W/F): Egg & Veggie Scramble fruit 1G 1R 1P 1tsp
Egg & Veggie Scramble Recipe – I am leaving the cheese and quinoa off this time.
Breakfast (T/Th): 2 Boiled Eggs, w/ Strawberry Oatmeal & Fruit, 1R 1P 2Y 0.5B 0.5O
Banana Bread Slow Cooker Oatmeal

Morning Snack (M/W/F): Shakeology 1G 1R 0.5P 0.5Y
Morning Snack (T/Th): Shakeology & RX Bar 1G 1P 2R 0.5Y 1B

Lunch (M/W): Turkey Gyros on Flatbread with Taziki Sauce & Watermelon Salad 1G 1R 1P 1Y 0.5B 1tsp
Turkey Gyros Recipe
Watermelon Mint Salad Recipe
Lunch (T/Th): Chipotle Lime Flank Steak w/ Southwest Quinoa and Zucchini Mason Jar  1R 1G 1Y
Southwest Quinoa Salad
Grilled Chipotle Lime Steak Recipe
Lunch (F): Leftover Salmon-Honey Teriyaki w/ Rainbow Chard 1G 1R 1tsp

Afternoon Snack (M/T/W/Th/F): Sliced Apple w/ Almond Butter

Dinner (M): Fish Tacos 1R 0.5G 1Y 1tsp
Fish Tacos Recipe
Dinner (T): Chicken Sausage Brussels & Apples 1G 1R 1P 1tsp
Honey Teriyaki Salmon Recipe – I use coconut aminos vs soy sauce and will use sesame oil
Rainbow Chard Recipe – sesame oil, honey vs sugar, coconut aminos vs soy sauce, rice wine vs mirin
Dinner (Th): Chicken Parmesan Recipe w / Zoodles 1G 1R 0.5P 0.5Y 1B 1tsp
Dinner (F): Dinner Out 1.5R 1G 1Y 1P 1tsp

Dessert Option:
Almond Joy Bars Recipe

Grocery List:

☐ Avacado

☐ Bananas
☐ 5 Green Apples
☐ 2 Lemons
☐ 10 Limes
☐ Watermelon

☐ Arugula
☐ Broccoli Slaw
☐ Cabbage
☐ 2 Cilantro
☐ 2 Cucumber
☐ Garlic
☐ Rainbow Chard
☐ Red Bellpepper
☐ 2 Red Onion
☐ Scallions
☐ Spinach
☐ 2 Tomatoes
☐ 5 Zucchini
☐ Parsley

☐ Flank Steak

☐ 4 Boneless Chicken Breast – Organic
☐ Ground Turkey

☐ Almond Milk
☐ Canadian Bacon
☐ Egg Whites
☐ Eggs
☐ Feta
☐ Greek Yogurt – plain
☐ Mozzerella
☐ Parmesan cheese – Grated

☐ Whole Wheat Tortillas

☐ Coconut Water

Baking Goods
☐ Cocoa Powder
☐ Coconut Oil
☐ Flax Seed
☐ Pure Maple Syrup
☐ Pure Vanilla Extract
☐ Sesame Oil
☐ Unsweetened Coconut
☐ Walnuts
☐ Whole Grain Panko Bread Crumbs

Canned Goods
☐ Black Beans
☐ Chilies In Adobe
☐ 4 Jalepenos
☐ Marinara

☐ Raw Honey
☐ Justins Almond Butter
☐ Liquid Aminos
☐ Vinegar

Frozen Goods
☐ Frozen Carrots
☐ Frozen Corn
☐ Frozen Fruit

Grains and Cereals
☐ Flatout
☐ Quinoa
☐ Steel Cut Oats

Paper Goods
☐ Crockpot Liner

☐ Almonds

Spices and Herbs
☐ Chili Powder
☐ Cinnamon
☐ Cumin
☐ Dill
☐ Garlic Powder
☐ Ginger
☐ Mint
☐ Nutmeg
☐ Onion Powder
☐ Oregano
☐ Pepper
☐ Red Pepper Flakes
☐ Salt

☐ 1 pound Fish – Halibut, cod, or mahi mahi
☐ Salmon – 4, 4 oz filets

☐ Rice Wine
☐ Rx Bars
☐ Sake

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