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Love Yourself First

Love Yourself First

Love Yourself First

As my daughter and I looked through albums yesterday, it was amazing to see the changes that I have gone through. Not just from a physical standpoint, but on the inside. I was always very shy, quiet, and lacked confidence. I would envy the girls around me and thought everyone had more… More beauty, more talent, more personality, more ability. I was not enough. I didn’t like myself. I would get depressed and found happiness in food, but then would feel extreme guilt for indulging and would purge. This began my cycle of binging and purging.

After my son was born, the depression continued. My marriage was failing and once again I found myself feeling inadequate… A failure. I hated who I was. My life was not what I thought it was going to be. I had no control over anything and found control in what I allowed my body to consume or not consume. I starved myself. I began to loose weight, but was not healthy. Looking back at pics, I look ill. So much sadness in my eyes.

I am grateful for my journey. You must first learn to invest in yourself. To love the amazing qualities that only you can offer. No one else is like you. Once you learn to love and appreciate yourself, you want to take better care of yourself. Food became fuel vs comfort. Exercise became an outlet and an opportunity to push myself and build confidence vs a chore. Reading became self discovery vs an avoidance because I didn’t want to deal with all that I had buried. It all starts with choosing to love who you are and embrace all that you have to offer. ❤️

What 3 things do you love most about yourself?


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