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Dream Big

As I sit in my office this morning drinking my cup of coffee, I am inspired by my mug. DREAM BIG! And that is just what I have done. It didn’t start out that way. For me, coaching was just suppose to be a hobby. Something that allowed me to get the discount, but it […]

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Love Yourself First

Love Yourself First As my daughter and I looked through albums yesterday, it was amazing to see the changes that I have gone through. Not just from a physical standpoint, but on the inside. I was always very shy, quiet, and lacked confidence. I would envy the girls around me and thought everyone had more… […]

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Inward Strength

Inward Strength One of my goals in being a coach is personal development. As a wife, mom, and working in the corporate world I usually read things having to do with being a better wife, mom, or business woman. Very rarely, if ever do I read a book that is for me and about me. […]

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Life is about balance. I choose to eat healthy and workout to help take care of my body. However, I also want to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. This requires balance. Brace yourself for something I am about to tell you…. I indulge on occasion. I know, you are shocked… right?! It […]

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Is it True

I am learning to accept what is. Not the story that I create, but what is true. It all starts with a thought. A fleeting passing thought enters the brain and it is completely harmless until I believe it. It is not my thoughts that are the issue, but my attachment to my thoughts. Once […]

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Living in the Moment

Welcome to my first blog post! I’m excited to share my observations, experiences, and just whatever happens to be top of mind at the moment. Right now, I am trying to focus more on living in the moment. Being present and allowing myself to take advantage of every moment I have been given in life. […]

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