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Check out our amazing team of dedicated Beachbody Coaches:

Raquel F.

Discount Beachbody Coach

This is Raquel F. and I have had the privilege of getting to know her better over the last few months. I am beyond thrilled to be able to share her journey and her success.

She began her journey, at the beginning of this year, on her own with making changes to her diet. She would stop eating by 6p and would only eat salads thinking that was the only way. She would would get dizzy and feel weak a lot of the time. In 7 months, Jan-July, she lost 7lbs. That's 1 lb per month!

Within 3 months (July-Oct) of focus, dedication and hard work in her daily workouts, clean eating and portion control, she lost 20 lbs and 9.5 inches! Since then, she has traveled and indulged on occasion and has not only maintained, but continued to loose! In a total of 4.5 months here are her results:

✅She has lost 34lbs, over 9.5 inches, and gone down 6 sizes!
✅She feels stronger and has more energy
✅She's having to use less modifications during her workouts
✅She has inspired 3 people to also change their lifestyles and get healthy!

This was not done without hard work. Raquel has been one of my most active participants. She does not hesitate ever to text me with questions and has been dedicated to posting her workouts and journey. Raquel you are such an inspiration for your friends and family to become healthier. Thank you for leading the way by example! So proud of you!


    Vanessa M.

    Discount Beachbody Coach

    This is Vanessa M. She is a wife, a mom to an ADORABLE 6 month little boy, and an Optometrist who owns her own vision clinic. She joined one of my Challenge Groups in May with the 21-Day Fix Extreme Program. I was shocked that after just having a baby she would take on such a challenging program, but was inspired by her determination.

    In just 5 months she has accomplished so much all while working full time, having a husband that travels, and being a first time mommy.
    ✅She has lost 38lbs and gone down 6 sizes!
    ✅She feels stronger and has more energy
    ✅She is in better shape than she was pre baby
    ✅She has inspired her husband to eat healthier and he lost 18lbs just by changing his diet!!!!

    So glad to have her on my team as a discount coach and to be able to call her my friend. She is such an encouragement and inspiration to others. Vanessa has a busy schedule with work, having a new baby and not getting much rest, and still trying to take care of her health. She did it! She was determined and focused and feels healthier than she ever has before.

    "Progress is progress and you may not get immediate satisfaction but if you trust in the process you will get the results that you want. This isn't going to happen overnight and is something that is done through life changes. I am going to be able to stay fit and stay healthy." - Vanessa

      Zach S

      Discount Beachbody Coach

      My name is Zach S and I am married to my coach. I work for Wal-Mart Corporate Office and stay really busy. My wife became a coach and I have watched her dedication to health and fitness with admiration. I am so proud of her hard work and all she does for our family to keep us healthy. I have always been active and played sports my entire life; however, my nutrition has not always been the best. I decided to join Team Beachbody and my wife's challenge group almost a year ago and have seen huge improvements in my energy, health, and physical appearance. I decided to become a Coach to take advantage of the discounts since I was already purchasing Shakeology and Beachbody Performance products. I have completed P90X3, Hammer & Chisel, and am currently finishing up the BodyBeast Program.

      Zach S

        Sandy L

        Discount Beachbody Coach

        Let's congratulate Sandy L !!! She joined my Challenge group in mid October with 21Day Fix and just started on 21Day Fix Extreme. She is a mom to 3 kids, a wife, and works full time. She has followed the program and is happy to announce...

        1) She has lost 7lbs!!
        2) She feels better in her clothes
        3) Her husband has seen her success and now wants to start doing the program with her!
        Such an example of trusting the process, following the program, and setting an amazing example for her family and those around her. WAY TO GO SANDY!!!

          Nicole B

          Nicole B

          Discount Beachbody Coach

          This is Nicole B. She is a stay at home mom to her 4 year old daughter and wife. Nicole just recently became a discount coach so that she could get the 25% off shakeology and will be starting Hammer & Chisel. She is excited for all that is to come and is ready to be in her best shape!


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